Tuesday, October 9, 2012

❀ Convention + Online Shop

Hi friends! *-* do you remember that I was gonna attending an anime convention? yeah~ I went. I was really scared because my anxiety disorder doesn't leave me alone ;__; but in the end I could go out from my home, take the public transport, take the subway and take the bus to Morelos State ToT I was so scared! you have no idea! snif snif! but I did it! ;7; yaaaaay~ 
Ok, the plan was to sell anime/manga/chibi drawings with my friends TvT the first drawing people asked me was TWO BOYS! gosh! I don't draw boys very often HAHAHA! I had to work hard! I was very nervous! a lot! XD My friends drew and sold many drawings! I don't hahaha because I'm not too good enough yet ;v; but my plan B was to sell all the stuff I offered you in my blog long ago XD remember? I get money from there as if I had sold many drawings like my friends e.e! *perfect plan*

My place on the table *-*

My 2 friends and me working in making drawings

My sister wanted to draw too but just for fun X3
I had never sold anything in my life! XD but it was fun! I was tried to make laugh to the customers too haha! I think my behavior years ago would have been very serious and dry, well, I think I've matured ^^ Oh! And I opened an online shop on Facebook for now ^^ all the prices are in mexican pesos but if you want to buy something and you aren't from Mexico but have PayPal, would be very easy to pay :3 nya! if you want to see what I sell, you can take a look here (and give a nice LIKE to the page if you want haha).
Ok, that's all, I'm finishing some drawings commissions so I have to go now *-* good night my friends~

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