Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gas Explosion!

Oh dears, yesterday there was a serious accident on my street at nightAt about 10 pm I left my room and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I was preparing some toast and BOOM!! We heard a loud bang and many breaking glasses! It was like a bomb! The whole house shook and even I could feel a bit of the shock wave in my body! Seriously! My sister started screaming "WHAT WAS THAT?!" and my family and I ran to the street, we could see a bit of dust due to the shaking of our house. Then we saw that all the neighbors also began to leave their houses and watched the house where the explosion was: 3 houses ahead of mine. I don't know much about my neighbors =P so I don't know how many people live in that house. The front metal door was bend, and the window frame was gone because had been expelled! We were all very scared and some people was screaming and crying. A gas tank exploded. Gas was all could be smelled in the air.

All window panes of nearby houses were broken and there was many glasses on the sidewalks. In my house just broke the window glass of the bathroom. But hey! you know that I have anxiety problems, I was really scared and I wanted to cry too D8 I mean, was like a real bomb! I imagined how awful would be to be in a war! My blood pressure began to drop and I knew it because when that happens to me my back starts to hurt as if my spine began to freeze. That is the signal of my body when my pressure is low. GOD! it was horrible, but fortunately I managed to control myself to calm me down ;_;

Quickly firefighters and ambulances arrived. They took a girl and a boy from the damaged house who coughed sharply due to the impact of the gas in their throats. Some neighbors said the homeowner was taken to hospital by another neighbor immediately after the explosion because his head was bleeding badly and they couldn't wait the ambulance. It was a very long night, no one died, but the man is in serious condition in the hospital, and our street is still closed by authorities. T__T I will remember this for my entire life! D'8 horrible!

Bathroom window with no crystal D8


  1. This is awful:( Luckily it didn't affect your house and family!