Wednesday, December 19, 2012

❀ About Me

Yeah~ because I have nothing to do right now... wait! I actually have °3°! ASDFASFG!! ok, just know me a little more if you want ~ ♥

(I made the envelopes, the stamp, the mail art and the drawing ^^U)
NAME: Curious (new alias for my stalkers can't find me D'8)
BIRTHDAY: January 17th
AGE: Secret, between 20s and 30s (feels like 18 y.o. btw XD)
STATE: Mexico
PROFESSION: Psychlogist
BUSINESS: Online shop about kawaii stuff, and manga drawings commissions.

❀ Penpalling since: 2002
❀ Favorite Countries: Japan, Korea, China, etc. (It's just I like TRADITIONAL "sides" of asian countries a lot: buildings, clothes, music, beliefs, etc), Egypt (Horus! *-*) and England (beautiful buildings and perfect weather I think XD)
❀ Favorite topics in letters: Ghosts legends and mythology from every country *v*! gods, goddesses, spirits, creatures! ASDFASDFG! I like to knowwww!! My polish penpal told me a legend about a mermaid once, and sent me a postcard with the image of the mermaid statue in the city, and I was like: *o*! INTERESTING!
❀ I like to make my own envelopes and make nice mailart on them UvU/
❀ I'm trying to make artistamping =P
❀ I collect mexican stamps, duh :B
❀ I really love to swap original drawings with my otaku pals *-* I did it for 10 years with my first penpal so it became an habit in my "penpalling life".  
❀ I also enjoy to know/read/share/write about the original stories that my otaku pals create, love to know original stuff! *o*

MY OTAKU SIDE (I'm NOT a friki ok? XD My life is more than anime and manga)
❀ Favorite genres: Action, supernatural, fights, with bishōnens everywhere e.e! and... Shonen-ai too =v=U I do like boys love, so what? XD 
❀ Favorite animes: Weiß Kreuz, D.Gary-Man, Devil May Cry, Uraboku, Loveless, Sekaichi Hatsuoki, etc.
❀ Favorite Mangaka: CLAMP (loooooove their style)
❀ Like to draw my own original characters.
❀ Write my own stories (shonen-ai all of them >//7//<)
❀ Draw in chibi style *v*
❀ Draw other people's OCs 
❀ Draw girls with nice dresses (still learning about it TvT)
❀ Roleplaying asdfasdfasd!! XD super fun! X3

*MUSIC: K-pop, trance, electronic, heavy metal, rock, high energy (disco), new age and soundtracks of animes, videogames and movies. I don't listen to music in spanish because it bores me a lot, I like to know how other languages sound =v=
*BOOKS: Crimes, mystery, suspense, paranormal, supernatural, assassins, secret organizations.
*TV: The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Cupcake Wars, Cake Boss, Adventure Time, Law and Order SVU, Top Shot (I don't watch many tv).
*VIDEOGAMES: Fatal Frame (2 and 3), Devil May Cry (3), Resident Evil (2 and 3), Silent Hill (2), etc. 

❀ Pink, purple and turquoise colors.
❀ Night
❀ Silver
❀ Victorian style
❀ Vanilla scent
❀ Glitter and jewels
❀ Collect keys, old ones or with special designs *-* 
❀ Archeology
❀ Cats, butterflies and sharks! >:D (I sleep with a shark plushie btw =ω=U).
Dollhouses, I ADORE miniatures a lot! ;7;
❀ Decorate! decorate everything! 8D

❀ Soccer
❀ Reallity shows
❀ Reggaeton
❀ Mess
❀ Mornings =A=
❀ Closed mind people that doesn't want understand/accept anything different to them.
❀ Creamy foods >~< (causes me nausea)
❀ Orange color XD
❀ Heat
❀ The subway (I feel a bit claustrophobic >__<)
❀ I don't smoke and I don't drink
❀ Airplanes!! D8

And... if I have to add something else I will do it later =ω=U That's all for now because I have to prepare some postcards to send tomorrow. Byeeee °3°
My sister drew this >v<! yeah~ it's me ♥ 


  1. Did I tell you the legend about basilisk?:)
    Aghh, but music in Spanish so beautiful. But then, I don't listen to music in Polish:P
    I've seen Cake Boss. They make lovely cakes but the guy annoys me as hell:P
    Heat... better hot than cold;) It's -10 degrees here and I hate it:(
    Mess... you wouldn't like to find yourself in my room:P Mess, mess all around:P I need to make order before Christmas.
    But I agree with this: "Closed mind people that doesn't want understand/accept anything different to them" very much.

    1. A basilisk! OMG! tell me! 8D
      Well, "modern" music in spanish in mexico suks! the lyrics are so boring XD
      I know, the cake boss is so fu**** crazy and he gets frustated for everything XD but I think his sisters are worse, very "metiches"! XD
      OMG! Here's 10°C and I don't want to leave my bed hehe.
      Take me to your room and I will clean it for sure UvU/

    2. Hahaha, you'd clean my room? I'm ready to buy you a plane ticket nowXD
      I'll send you a postcard with a legend about basilisk then:D
      I think I don't care that much about the lyrics unless it's some slow song:)
      It's -14 today:( Too cold:( The world can end now.

    3. OH POSTCARD! *7* thanks!
      Hahaha and the world says: NO!

  2. Very fun to read about you! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I am still amazed by the stamp...are you sure you didn't buy it? I thought...awesome...actually it's the second time I read this post and the envelope is too beautiful!!

    1. No, no compré la estampilla, yo la diseñé X3
      Gracias, me alegra que te guste :3

    2. Jeje,en realidad sabia k lo habias hecho tu(el sello,pork lo lei) pero parece tan real....:3

    3. Jajaja gracias, me esforcé para que se viera decente X3