Tuesday, April 30, 2013

❀ Children's Day

April 30th is Children's Day in Mexico (/ *U*)/ yay! But I'm not a kid anymore... or am I? hahaha! I think to stay doing our hobbies (drawing, penpalling, etc) is a beautiful way to keep in touch with our inner child, don't you think? Because they're things that we really REALLY love to do and we have a lot of fun doing them ♥ My perfect job is a dream that glimpse since I was a kid *-* seriously! and I'm working to make it happen ;v;
I want to congratulate all your inner girls (or boys) haha! XD Have a good day 

Oh, random: I want to improve my skills in digital drawings so I'm fighting trying my best at the moment, snif snif I still have much to learn TvTb ~*dies*

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