Sunday, August 5, 2012

❀ Questions Answered

Since the video I made is officially DEAD and I don't know WHY >o<! I will answer here to the questions you made.

I'd like to know if you can buy a variety of stamps or they just sell the same.
Hmmm both :P they give you common stamps but sometimes together with special ones if new designs are on sale, but if you want to buy special ones specifically, you can. I've done it a few times.
Also I want to know if they already know you.
No ;v; they don’t *foreveralone*
They comment about your envelopes and mail?
Yes, sometimes they say: "Pretty! you made it?" or "Did you draw this?" And I’m like o///o

I want to know does the International Postal Rates for mails in Mexico varies according to 'zones' as in different continent or region?
Yes, 5 areas too, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and the most expensive is Asia ;A;
Can you buy stamps which are from like last time's issue? Over here in Malaysia, as far as I know, the stamp issues released are limited in stock. Once all are sold out on the day it is released, we can't get them anymore. So can you order any set of stamps you wish to buy like in the US?
Yeeeeeah~ well, you can buy them on internet as many as you want, in common postal offices the special stamps are limited. But I buy them in the Main Post Office (Postal Palace, where I made the video ;_; ) with no worries of limitations because it's a touristic place too so they must have special stamps always *v*
How many airmail stickers does the postal worker give you usually? A sheet or more?
None, LOL! Mexican mail don’t use them.

Todos en el pueblo vayan a la oficina de correos para recojer su correo? o hay un cartero que va a las casa para llevar todo el correo?
Both, you can get a P.O. and go for your mail when you want, or the mailman goes to your home if you give your home address. I’m in the second case X3
 Los sellos son de pegatinas? o son el typo que tienes que lamer en el la parte de atras?
No, stamps aren’t like stickers, you have to wet them behind. Lick the stamps doesn’t look good so there are small wet sponges in the offices to wet the stamps. I've never licked a stamp hahaha.
 Cual cosas NO PUEDEN ser en los sobres? o puedes poner lo que quieras en ellos?
You can’t send food, medicines, porn, glass, lottery tickets, and… that’s all I can remember for now XD

What is your best memory? 
When my sister was born UvU
What was your dream job when you were a child?
Archaeologist TvT I was obsessed with old Egypt *v*
Do you keep your favourite toy from childhood? 
No, I don’t °A°!
If you could meet famous person - dead or alive - who would you choose?
CLAMP!! *o* I love their characters and stories!!
How would you describe your personality in 10 words?
Oh well, I think a lot about how to react in certain situations, I can only say that XD
What's your favourite Disney film?
Ratatouille XD
What are you really good at? 
Hmmmm I don’t know yet o.O!
What meal would you like to try?
None XD I’m not fan of new foods. I’m VERY finicky hahaha!
What's the most disgusting thing you ate?
Ufff, many XD
Which country would you like to visit most?
Egypt and Japan *-*
What is the most curious fact that you learnt through penpalling (that is not someone's secret of course :P)
I was surprised when I discover people who can write MAAAAANY sheets in their letters! almost like books hahaha! XD I couldn't do that even if my life were ultra dynamic and I had much to tell. Nah, I couldn't! XD
What are your habits connected with letter writing?
Hmmmmmm I make the envelopes first, then I make drawings if I exchange them with my  penpal, then I choose the items I will put in the envelope, and I write the letter at the end *v*
What color of nails do you have now? 
Silver, with glitter X3... I love glitter! *v*