Saturday, January 26, 2013

❀ Out & In Postcards

*-* I got these 4 new postcards for my next swaps: Palace of Fine Arts, Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, typical clothes from the State of Oaxaca (love them!) and indigenous dolls called "Marias", mexican handcraft >ω

And I received these 3 ;v; I super duper adore the chinese one! ASDFGASDF!! >ω<!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

❀ Old Postal Palace Photo

Mexico City, 1920 *-* I loved this old scene A LOT! *O*!

This is a panoramic view inside the palace nowadays *-*

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

❀ The Song of the Countries XD

I really liked to watch Animaniacs when I was a kid! XD Recetly I was watching some chapters again on YouTube and I found this, love it! XD I hope you can listen how sound your country in spanish HAHAHAHAHA!! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

❀ Envelopes + Stamps + Doodles

HELLO!!! *O* Awwww my friends, how long has it been? Ufff, sorry for my absence. Since my grandmothers passed away in July and November there have been many family problems between my parents, uncles, aunts and even with some cousins! High stress, fights, tears, disappointments, my mom is a bit depressed, my dad is sad too because they lost their mothers. I had to fight against my anxiety disorder when I leave my house, and I think I'm just starting up my grief over losing my two grandmothers last year (after more than 2 months, yeah~ ;____;) My head is completly EMPTY and FULL at the same time .___.U I don't know how to explain it... anyway, I find it hard to concentrate at times. I haven't wrote letters or purchased new supplies, I have no inspiration... but I hope to feel better soon ;v; I have to! I have many thnigs to do! O__o!

Fortunately I had a relax birthday last week =v=b yay! ... I'm old again ಠ_ಠ ehem... My family gave me money!! :D and I plan to save more to can buy MAAAAAANY kawaii things!! ASDFGASDF!! soon, very soon! Also my mom gave me a HelloKitty USB >v<! nyaaa! ~ OK, the news are... I got these cool chinese envelopes asdfgasd! I don't want to use them because I really like them! XD Maybe I will... maybe not haha!

New stamps! for my personal collection and for my letters too. They are about "Tulum": a mayan archaeological zone located in the State of Yucatan between 800-1550 BC. You know I love archeology, right? ~ my dream is to visit ALL archaeolgical sites in Mexico in the future!! >v<! 

I have not drawn with effort lately T__T but yesterday I had a few free minutes and made some simple sketches, my original characters, yep ;v;b and that's all ^^ see you later my friends!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

❀ I ♥ keys

Oke, this is a random post °3° I just wanted to show that I collect nice keys =v=b *runs*

My sister gave me the golden one, and the silver one is the latest I bought (\*3*)/


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

❀ NY postcards

Some postcard that I bought in New York, for my personal collection =v=b 

And a keychain XD

Monday, January 7, 2013

❀ First Incoming 2013

I'm back, lovely friends! °ω°/ New York was awesome! BUT I hated being in an airplane! D8 it was a nightmare for me! D8 I almost died for so much anxiety in my nervous system! I was dizzy for 3 days! and I don't want to do it again! NO! or at least I will take a long therapy first! *dies* X____X ... Oke! incoming now snif snif TvT for my new brazilian penpal *-* a cute letter with a cute drawing inside asdfasdf! I like it °v°b

For my japanese penpal, a postcard and a beautiful christmas card ;v; asdfasdf! ADORABLE!

I also received some cute stuff that I bought on an online shop and the envelope had many nice stamps! *-*

And finally from my polish penpal, asdfasdfas!! many gifts! *o* And now I feel bad because I only sent her a christmas card .____.U but I promise to send you several stuff for your birthday >:D

Chocolate! *-* a beautiful christmas card *-* butterflies stickers (she knows that I adore butterflies), cute christmas stickers and... she makes me very happy with all these hello kitty goodies ASDFGASDFASDFG!! *explodes* Thanks a lot! *3* and happy new year for all of you ~ ♥