Tuesday, April 30, 2013

❀ Children's Day

April 30th is Children's Day in Mexico (/ *U*)/ yay! But I'm not a kid anymore... or am I? hahaha! I think to stay doing our hobbies (drawing, penpalling, etc) is a beautiful way to keep in touch with our inner child, don't you think? Because they're things that we really REALLY love to do and we have a lot of fun doing them ♥ My perfect job is a dream that glimpse since I was a kid *-* seriously! and I'm working to make it happen ;v;
I want to congratulate all your inner girls (or boys) haha! XD Have a good day 

Oh, random: I want to improve my skills in digital drawings so I'm fighting trying my best at the moment, snif snif I still have much to learn TvTb ~*dies*

Friday, April 26, 2013

❀ Gifts for my Penpals

I got these items to send in my next letters :3 they're cute stick notes hehe ^^ Tomorrow I will meet with my other mexican penpal and I will give her the one with "footsteps", I hope she likes it because she loves bunnies hehe ^^

And I got these stick notes too, I think they're more elegant *-* also to send in my next letters but I must decide very well to whom I will give away >v</ ~ ♥

Thursday, April 25, 2013

❀ Out + Postcards

Another outgoing letter decorated with one of my drawings ;v; ~ ♥ handmade envelope btw ^u^

And I received these postcards, I really REALLY loved the Russia one, waaa! The Red Square is beautiful! *-* The second one is from Portugal °v°b

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

❀ Letter Sets

Hehe I meet with my mexican penpal and she gave me many presents for my late-birthday haha, and I was very happy when she gave these letter sets ;v;b

Sunday, April 21, 2013

❀ Clarification + 1st Letter

Hello friends! Sorry for not being very active lately, I'm working on personal proyects hehe ;v; I came to write some points about being penpals: some girls have asked me to be penpals lately, OF COURSE! *-* My address is available to everyone who consider that we have things in common to start a nice friendship between us ♥ also postcards swaps, I'm always open for it °u°b If you like mail art and nice stationery, welcome! if you want to swap cultural stuff or little gifts, welcome! If you want to know about my country, welcome! If you want to swap manga drawings, welcome! If you're otaku, welcome! >ω<b

Ok, you get the idea hehe ^^

Now the interesting thing of this post XD Some days ago I was checking old stuff and I found the ticket of my FIRST LETTER SENT! ♥ I'm very happy to have the record with the exact date about the beginning of my story in penpalling ;v; 

~ September 28th, 2002. To the State of Morelos ~

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

❀ Out + Stamps + In

Just a quick update ^v^b First a packet to Mexico~ 

I went to the Postal Palace today and I bought these stamps about the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Mexico. On the side of Indonesia there is the image of the Clouded Leopard, and on the side of Mexico there is the Mexican Jaguar image. They are great! *-*

And here you can see the Indonesian version of the same stamps... I think mexican's looks better e.e! ok ok~ but it's wonderful that we can share the same stamps in both countries!  asdfgasdfg! *-* ... lol, the pronuntiation of "Meksiko" sounds very nice XD

Incoming mail *v*b from my lovely friends in Japan and Mexico ♥ Beautiful asdfasdf!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

❀ Happy Outgoing

I worked so hard on catching up most of my letters last weekend and I sent them today at Postal Palace :3 Oh, this package is from my shop with the stuff that the girl purchased X3 and I sent a chibi letter too ^^

To my malay penpal :3 I sent her a letter set, sheets of my favorite stationery, and some brochures about NY and State of Mexico (I live there, not in Mexico City hehe).

I drew the original character of my penpal on her envelope hehe.

And more letters on their way *3*b