Wednesday, October 31, 2012

❀ Drawing Commissions DONE!

FINALLYYYYYYYYY! Drawings that some people asked me time ago in chibi style ;//7//; two in traditional color and one in digital... and the last one was just for fun ;v; I made it time ago ~ Hmmmm I can see that my chibi style is changing O///o!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

❀ New Stamps

I got these new stamps yesterday. I swap stamps with my penpal from China so I bought these two for her collection - "Viceregal Religious Art: Crowned Nuns". I'm not very religious but I really liked these paintings a lot ( ^o^)/

For my own collection I got this stamp about the World Post Day that, as you know, is on October 9th (ノ゚▽゚)ノ YAY! And another stamp of the Postal Palace! asdfgadfg!! I loved that palace A LOT and I want everything about it!!

And look! "Day of the Death" decorations have begun in the city! (^o^ ) I'm happyyyy!

Oh! I will be foreveralone in my house for the weekend since my family is going to a little trip to the Puebla State, I can't go because I have therapy with 3 patients and... I need  the money! I have to work! ... SO! Surely I will eat pizza while I'm working in my letters and my delayed comissions (.  .)U *runs*

Thursday, October 25, 2012

❀ Christmas is Here

Ok no hehe but I starting to buy christmas stuff for my christmas next letters (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 some cards for .43 cents each whit its envelopes and some stickers for .43 and .16 cents. I think I need to buy more because I have 15 penpals at the moment and I don't want someone to be without Christmas letter (◕‿◕✿) 

I've been busy lately. I think my life is finally taking a path(?). For more than five months I was severely depressed because I didn't know what to do with my life and I actually didn't understand why I was alive. But until now I think things are getting better for me and my family. It has been a very difficult year for all of us with so many problems everywhere. My grandmother passed away recently and will be very sad to spend Christmas and New Year without her. There has been much family breakdown, money problems, diseases, also I still miss local friends that I loved very much but they rejected me for not meeting their expectations, and my depression and disinterest in life and do nothing about it.

But for now the storm is over and there is a bit of calm finally. I'm busy with my online shop, preparing many delayed letters, also I want to go to many museums in downtown too, and I have enough patients by now to get some good money for my hobbies hehe. The next weekend I'll go to a little vacation with my cousins​​, I want to swim! And perhaps there is a chance to go to New York in December to visit my family I have not seen in over 5 years! I have to admit that the idea of ​​boarding a plane terrifies me a lot. I have never flown and I'm scared of heights! My anxiety is diminished these days so I hope has diminished enough by then ( ・~・)

Friday, October 19, 2012

❀ Goodies + Many Skulls

I got new goodies for my shop\(^ω^\) Now I have to photograph each of them! (TT)

And I bought these funny skulls and decorations for my penpals (^▽^)ノ can you see the labels on the skulls front? You have to write the name of your deceased relative, but these skulls are funny so you can write the name of your friends and so on. I will write the name of some of my penpals haha! 

While Halloween is fine in Mexico, the most important thing for me those days is our celebration of the Day of the Dead at the beginning of November! so close! *v* I love it so much! We prepare altars in our homes, decorated with special bread, cempazuchitl flowers (marigold flowers?), traditional food, coffee, tequila XD and all that our deceased relatives enjoyed in life. Their souls come to visit us, kids souls first and then adults souls come, and they can eat and drink from the altar. The real skulls are made of sugar, chocolate or gummy(?). Every skull in the altar represents one deceased relative, and their names should be on the front of the skulls, that's why the labels ( ̄▽ ̄) Last year I write my name on a chocolate skull XD just for fun... and then I ate it! X9 (the flower at the top is made of sugar).

This celebration isn't "dark", it's very paceful and happy sometimes. We like to remember our relatives in a paceful way, not sad way. There are even contests in schools and offices to create funny poems called "calaveritas" (little skulls). In those poems people write about their alive relatives, friends, famous people or politicians! making jokes about their lifes and how the Grim Reaper comes for them in funny situations! XD There are also contests about creating the best altars! I will take a pic of our altar to can show it to you ^^

Well, as you can imagine, the Day of the Dead isn't a Catholic celebration. Our ancestors of pre-hispanic Mexico (before 1519) touched the subject of death very seriously, it was very important in the life cycle, war, religion and so on. And the tradition of worshiping our deceased relatives and create altars, dates back to that time. That's why I love this celebration, has a very ancient history! Well, I was very happy when I found these postcards in a little store, about pieces of pre-hispanic Mexico that actually are displayed at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. First, a skull that was found in Mexico State in Teotihuacan. Second, a mask of the Bat God that was found in Oaxaca State. Third, a cup of the God of Death, Oaxaca State too. And finally MY FAVORITE PIECE! A real skull decorated with turquoise, metal, and green stone (found in Chiapas State). My gosh! Maybe you can find it a bit creepy, or gross? I don't know, but I really really like it! I planned to send all the postcards to my penpals, but I will keep the last one for me *o* for my postcards wall.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gas Explosion!

Oh dears, yesterday there was a serious accident on my street at nightAt about 10 pm I left my room and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I was preparing some toast and BOOM!! We heard a loud bang and many breaking glasses! It was like a bomb! The whole house shook and even I could feel a bit of the shock wave in my body! Seriously! My sister started screaming "WHAT WAS THAT?!" and my family and I ran to the street, we could see a bit of dust due to the shaking of our house. Then we saw that all the neighbors also began to leave their houses and watched the house where the explosion was: 3 houses ahead of mine. I don't know much about my neighbors =P so I don't know how many people live in that house. The front metal door was bend, and the window frame was gone because had been expelled! We were all very scared and some people was screaming and crying. A gas tank exploded. Gas was all could be smelled in the air.

All window panes of nearby houses were broken and there was many glasses on the sidewalks. In my house just broke the window glass of the bathroom. But hey! you know that I have anxiety problems, I was really scared and I wanted to cry too D8 I mean, was like a real bomb! I imagined how awful would be to be in a war! My blood pressure began to drop and I knew it because when that happens to me my back starts to hurt as if my spine began to freeze. That is the signal of my body when my pressure is low. GOD! it was horrible, but fortunately I managed to control myself to calm me down ;_;

Quickly firefighters and ambulances arrived. They took a girl and a boy from the damaged house who coughed sharply due to the impact of the gas in their throats. Some neighbors said the homeowner was taken to hospital by another neighbor immediately after the explosion because his head was bleeding badly and they couldn't wait the ambulance. It was a very long night, no one died, but the man is in serious condition in the hospital, and our street is still closed by authorities. T__T I will remember this for my entire life! D'8 horrible!

Bathroom window with no crystal D8

Sunday, October 14, 2012

❀ Supplies

I bought this yesterday: a vintage paper pad asdfgasdgg!! *o*

Also christmas stamps, silver ink (I LOVE SILVER! *o*), a corner punch...

And some nice papers. In the last two I placed a pencil for you can see the paper dimensions *v* I plan to use the papers for envelopes, but the last two I don't know... I wanted to place one of them on my desk like a small tablecloth... or maybe placed both in my wall like posters *-* asdfgasdfg!! It's just I found them very beautiful ;v;

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

❀ Convention + Online Shop

Hi friends! *-* do you remember that I was gonna attending an anime convention? yeah~ I went. I was really scared because my anxiety disorder doesn't leave me alone ;__; but in the end I could go out from my home, take the public transport, take the subway and take the bus to Morelos State ToT I was so scared! you have no idea! snif snif! but I did it! ;7; yaaaaay~ 
Ok, the plan was to sell anime/manga/chibi drawings with my friends TvT the first drawing people asked me was TWO BOYS! gosh! I don't draw boys very often HAHAHA! I had to work hard! I was very nervous! a lot! XD My friends drew and sold many drawings! I don't hahaha because I'm not too good enough yet ;v; but my plan B was to sell all the stuff I offered you in my blog long ago XD remember? I get money from there as if I had sold many drawings like my friends e.e! *perfect plan*

My place on the table *-*

My 2 friends and me working in making drawings

My sister wanted to draw too but just for fun X3
I had never sold anything in my life! XD but it was fun! I was tried to make laugh to the customers too haha! I think my behavior years ago would have been very serious and dry, well, I think I've matured ^^ Oh! And I opened an online shop on Facebook for now ^^ all the prices are in mexican pesos but if you want to buy something and you aren't from Mexico but have PayPal, would be very easy to pay :3 nya! if you want to see what I sell, you can take a look here (and give a nice LIKE to the page if you want haha).
Ok, that's all, I'm finishing some drawings commissions so I have to go now *-* good night my friends~

Monday, October 8, 2012

❀ 6 Incoming!

OMG! I saw this in my mailbox this morning and I thought "Oh, is a letter from my russian penpal" (I knew it because her letters looks exactly the same; same envelopes and same stamps always =P). But hey! behind her letter there were 4 more and a postcard! I have to say that is the FIRST TIME I receive more than 2 letters in the same day T¬T *tears of joy*

That cool/black girl on the postcard was from Lil' Kay in gratitude when I sent her a postcard from a giveaway I did long ago ;v; omg! she was so sweet to do that TvT thanks dear, I really like it!
My pal from Malaysia makes me very happy too with what she sent me *-* this mini-envelope with Hero Jaejoong on it!! (and others two XD) OMG! I get crazy! I like Jaejoong a lot *¬* asdfgasdfg!! And inside of the envelope were some of her drawings and her friend's too! *explodes* >v< I don't know who is the character on the label, anyone know? *-*

My russian pal sent me this postcard from Thailand, yay! one more to my postcards wall *v* 

And a "lost" penpal send me this message °-° this japanese girl stopped sending me letters last year and I never knew why, I mean, over the years some people have stopped sending me letters, but this is the first time that one of those people want to resume friendship with me after so long. She spent her money and time to send me this message ;_; omg! I'm touched ♥

Sunday, October 7, 2012

❀ Main Post Office

I found this pic of the Postal Palace in the 30's *-* OMG! Love it!

And this is nowadays *-*

Friday, October 5, 2012

❀ Letter for a Contest

LONG TIME NO SEE, DEARS! My life is a big disaster now in many ways: my anxiety disorder, my overwhelming depression, etc! But well, no sad things now! (I have a headache! My left eye is going to explode at any moment! LOL!). This is my letter for the contest "Fumi no hi" Give-away Project .////. hem... as my camera is broken I took a photo with my cellphone but it looks awful! D8 so I decided to scan the envelope for a "better quality" ;////;

I decided to send the letter to my old school friend who is now living in California, USA. I decided to draw to my friend and me as kids as when we were in elementary school. Our uniform was blue and she always gathered her hair in a ponytail. On the oher hand, I had straight hair when I was a child hehehe. I used stickers with school theme because we spent our best moments in there ^^ the envelope is handmade, the drawings and the address labels too~ Hem, that's all ;v;