Saturday, October 27, 2012

❀ New Stamps

I got these new stamps yesterday. I swap stamps with my penpal from China so I bought these two for her collection - "Viceregal Religious Art: Crowned Nuns". I'm not very religious but I really liked these paintings a lot ( ^o^)/

For my own collection I got this stamp about the World Post Day that, as you know, is on October 9th (ノ゚▽゚)ノ YAY! And another stamp of the Postal Palace! asdfgadfg!! I loved that palace A LOT and I want everything about it!!

And look! "Day of the Death" decorations have begun in the city! (^o^ ) I'm happyyyy!

Oh! I will be foreveralone in my house for the weekend since my family is going to a little trip to the Puebla State, I can't go because I have therapy with 3 patients and... I need  the money! I have to work! ... SO! Surely I will eat pizza while I'm working in my letters and my delayed comissions (.  .)U *runs*


  1. Beautiful stamps! I especially love the first two stamps which you bought for your pen pal. I would like to swap postcards or stamps with you.

  2. The 'Crowned Nuns' stamps are absolutely beautiful! :)

  3. I love all the stamps you got. A postal palace? Sounds interesting. ^^

    1. I will write a post about the Palace someday ;D