Friday, March 29, 2013

❀ Bye-bye Wall

I will remove almost all the things I have placed on my wall and I will place a couple of shelves because I need to free up space on my desk (below you can see the mess on it). On this wall I have drawings commissions for me, drawings that my friends have given me, and postcards of anime/manga and about traditional views from Japan, Korea and China. I just decided to take a photo to remember it T¬T

Sunday, March 24, 2013

❀ My Decotapes

I have only 75 decotapes and 2 washitapes and I realized that I don't use them very often. °n° I'm a person who when have something nice don't want to use it to not finish it hahaha! Buy that's crazy now XD I promise to use them more to decorate your letters ;v;

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

❀ Are you doing what you love??

I really REALLY loved this video! When I finished my career and I started working at a company I was very confused (and depressed) because in only 3 months I felt my life would be boring if I worked in the same place and doing the same for the rest of my life. Working 11 hours a day, with my boss telling me what to do, when to do it, with rude indirects, and if anything went wrong she treated the workers as if we were stupid. She gave me more work when I was not finished the mountain of work she had given me before. I only heard "Sharon this! Sharon that! maybe 4 times at hour! I woke up at 5 AM and I returned at home at 10 PM, only to dinner and sleep. No internet, no family, no friends, no hobbies. In the job all "popular" sites and e.mail sites were blocked in every computer! And the 4-hour trip on the subway with hundreds of people coming and going and myself running to avoid being late to work, and every day was the same. The weekends I was so tired I just wanted to sleep all day. I thought "This is it? Will I do this everyday of the rest of my life?" and then I concluded: "This job doesn't make me happy at all. I'm not happy!"

My parents told me I should be grateful to have a job in these difficult times, but my stress was too high! I was sad everyday! My boss was a bitch and she didn't respect anybody! But my parents told me that I should obey the operation of companies, that I should strive to have a better place and have more money. I was really confused! Life is only obeying the labor hierarchies in order to can be "someone respectable with money"? Life was only withstand and endure? My parents told me: No matter that you didn't like your career, there's no other choice but to work being a psychologist and that's all. That scared me a lot! "There is no other option" D8

Fortunately my actual job is "good". My boss is my best friend so it's perfect XD We work as a team and there is no stress in the office, oh yeah, I have my own office too hehe and I don't hear my name every 15 minutes haha. But ok, i'ts good, however I want something more, something mine! I want to CREATE something and have my own business. I want to be my own boss and have my own times and rules. Fortunately my actual job has nothing to do with my career because it never make me happy either. My job is relax but isn't creative, I want to be creative! XD I want to work only for me and my ideas. This video helps me to understand that my thought isn't wrong at all! I feel relieved and motivated to continue planning the ideas I want to create with my style to make them happen ;v;  Even I showed it to my mom haha, and luckily she was able to understand me! Phewww~

Audio english with spanish subs ^^

Sunday, March 17, 2013

❀ Many Paper Stars

I was obsessed with paper stars maybe 5 years ago and now I have too many T¬T do you know any creative idea to do something with them?? T¬TU I placed my old cellphone on the photo to you can see more or less the amount I have.

I have some bottles full of them =¬=U and I made many mini stars too hehe.

One day I was in creative mood and I decorated a chocolates bottle to can fill it with stars hehe *-* ... and I still have special paper to make them.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

❀ Doodle :P

I drew her while I was in an important job event hehe X3 you know, the inspiration comes when you least expect it ;w; I think this is my second chibi style :3 It's 8.5 cm x 4.5 cm. Sorry for the dirty sheet ;n; *runs*

Thursday, March 7, 2013

❀ Incoming

Letters from Malaysia and Japan :3 I love my malay penpal XD she's a very sweet girl, (and she's 10 years younger than me hehe). She also share with me her original stories! ASDFGSD!! X3 I'll write her more about mine! >7< - I liked a lot the Heidi stamp! ;v; and also those cute snake stickers!! >u<! nyaaaa!

Postcards received °u° Germany, Malaysia and The Netherlands, I really loved the last one! *U* You know, I adore old scnes!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

❀ Sent + Drawings

Ok well, this is only the photo of the stuff that I sent to my penpals on the letter of my last post, remember? (yeah, I said "penpalS" because the same letter is for two people! °V°b) I can't believe that I wrote 10 PAGES (yeah 5 sheets)!! XD it's my record hahahaha! they are A4 sheets? lol, I usually use small sheets than that, because I like small sheets a lot! >ω< but I had too many things to tell to my friends hehe, about our lives of course, and also about our original dramatic shōnen-ai stories and our complicated original bishies characters *excited* kyaaa! >//7//< (sorry, it's a super fun and exciting topic for me UvU) 10 pages is too much for me hehe T¬T it's in spanish of course! *-* easier hehe ^^U

A mexican girl asked me a drawing of her original character so I drew it :3 I sent her the jpg archive to her email and... maybe 30 minutes later she replied to show me that she had made a keychain with my drawing! ;//A//;! and she told me she will use it on her bag ;//A//;! asdfasdfg!! I was so happy that she likes a lot my drawing!! T¬T it's just I can see that my style is improving ;v; I'm very happy for that!
BTW! Lil' Kay has asked me a double commission and I'm trying to find a special paper for the drawing, with a good texture because I want the colors looks better than in a common sheet ●ω●