Monday, March 4, 2013

❀ Sent + Drawings

Ok well, this is only the photo of the stuff that I sent to my penpals on the letter of my last post, remember? (yeah, I said "penpalS" because the same letter is for two people! °V°b) I can't believe that I wrote 10 PAGES (yeah 5 sheets)!! XD it's my record hahahaha! they are A4 sheets? lol, I usually use small sheets than that, because I like small sheets a lot! >ω< but I had too many things to tell to my friends hehe, about our lives of course, and also about our original dramatic shōnen-ai stories and our complicated original bishies characters *excited* kyaaa! >//7//< (sorry, it's a super fun and exciting topic for me UvU) 10 pages is too much for me hehe T¬T it's in spanish of course! *-* easier hehe ^^U

A mexican girl asked me a drawing of her original character so I drew it :3 I sent her the jpg archive to her email and... maybe 30 minutes later she replied to show me that she had made a keychain with my drawing! ;//A//;! and she told me she will use it on her bag ;//A//;! asdfasdfg!! I was so happy that she likes a lot my drawing!! T¬T it's just I can see that my style is improving ;v; I'm very happy for that!
BTW! Lil' Kay has asked me a double commission and I'm trying to find a special paper for the drawing, with a good texture because I want the colors looks better than in a common sheet ●ω●


  1. Awwwww so so cuteee!!! Makes me want to draw now!(but tomorrow's homework is "inacabable"/sob
    Totally Love your stileeee!

    1. Draw! draw! DRAWWWWW!! with all your soul!! *7*! Hahaha XD
      Awss X3 thank you!

  2. Aww :D That key chain is SO cute!!! >3<