Thursday, March 7, 2013

❀ Incoming

Letters from Malaysia and Japan :3 I love my malay penpal XD she's a very sweet girl, (and she's 10 years younger than me hehe). She also share with me her original stories! ASDFGSD!! X3 I'll write her more about mine! >7< - I liked a lot the Heidi stamp! ;v; and also those cute snake stickers!! >u<! nyaaaa!

Postcards received °u° Germany, Malaysia and The Netherlands, I really loved the last one! *U* You know, I adore old scnes!!


  1. OH MY GOD!!!! I am absolutely mad behind that Heidi stamp. It's so gorgeous and I have to be honest that I'm really jealous of you at the moment. By the way, I got your postcard in mid-Feb but I am currently so busy with exams that I find very less time to go to post office. I will send you a card in the next week.
    Have a great day!!

    1. Ahh hehe =¬= yeah, it‘s a cery cute stamp X3
      Oh thanks! Don‘t worry ^^