Tuesday, September 25, 2012

❀ I Love You... Subway?

I found this video about the Mexican Subway (Metro) in a station called "Chabacano" (Apricot) where some days are little shows, or people playing music, or even people doing yoga! in the middle of the crowd that comes and goes. Chabacano is a transshipment station which means that you can change of Line in the same station. I came to that station from the Brown Line and then I go to the Blue Line to go to "Bellas Artes" (Fine Arts) Station and arrive to the Postal Palace and send letters *v* 

The beginning of the video is weird, however is a promotional video of the government.

OK, what means "TQM"? in spanish means Te Quiero Mucho (I Love You a Lot), you can use it only in media where you can write it; letters, chat, messages, etc. Not to say it! XD it would be weird haha "Hey friend! TQM!" LOL, weird. But this time they use the M of "A lot" for "Metro" so the full meaning is "I Love Metro".

Interesting notes:
~ Mexican Metro is the world's cheapest! Only 0.23 cents of dollar for ticket (3 pesos)
~ Also is the cleanest in the world!
~ The subway trains are orange XD
~ Do you know the original movie "Total Recall" with Arnold Schwarzenegger?? The subway chase was filmed in this station XD yeah~ you can watch it in the video below from the second 0:35 ~ same stairs ha? I know all the places you can watch. They painted the train in gray haha! XD

Thursday, September 20, 2012

❀ 1 Out and 1 In

Today I went to send a package for a penpal who send me 2 packages before so it was my turn to send her one (I had to save money, I'm poor snif snif ;___;). And I can't remember where I watched decorations with decotapes, sorry I can't remember but here's my package with them ;v; They returned me the letter I sent her in April! can you believe it! I sent it again into the package. My pal likes camels a lot so I sent her 5 of my "Camel Cigarretes" postcards collection. I don't smoke but I've had these postcards from several years ago. I think the advertising is very ingenious! Also she loves cats like I do so I sent her cats stickers °ω° decotapes, a lil notebook (inside of the bag) with 2 pencils, 1 flower pen, a mirror, other stickers, a butterfly eraser and a bookmark °ω°

When I was leaving my house toward the Post Office I saw this in my mailbox, YAY! It's the first time I receive a letter when I will send another X3 From my dear Aga in Poland, with STRAWBERRIES EVERYWHERE hahaha! ♥ Even my mom liked the envelope a lot ^v^! Aga drew them, each! and on both sides! *-* love it! And I read her letter while I was on public transport toward the subway ^^ (where I felt a bit anxious ;n;)

And finally I bought these... what's the name? We call them "fantasy jewels" =P

Monday, September 17, 2012

❀ Incoming Letters + Random

Listening to: "Nightcall" (Kavinsky)

Hello dears! I'm here with my latest received letters *3* I don't have MAAAANY penpals so that's why I receive few letters once in a while ;v; First my pal from Japan, she sent me some brochures, about a movie (I don't know what it is °^°?) and about the place she traveled. Looks like a very awesome place but I can't read anything about it because I don't know read japanese °A°!

My pal from China, gosh! I loved the envelope a lot! so traditional! *o* You have no idea how I reaaaaally love envelopes with traditional patterns SO MUCH! *explodes* She sent me a little notebook >ω< (I collect notebooks! *o*), Pu-er tea, stamps and very cute stickers! She made me VERY happy!! ASDFGASDGA!!

My pal from Puerto Rico sent me a magazine and this cool t-shirt that fits me perfectly as you can see in the pic hahaha! >¬< love it! 


I will post your drawing soon, Yoshi, and I will send it this week with some gifts for being patient with my delay and my depressive mode ;A;!

❀ I want to go the cinema to watch Resident Evil 5 very soon! ASDFFGASDF!!! I WANT! But I don't have close friends to go with and my sister goes always with her boyfriend .___. *foreveralone mode on*

Friday, September 14, 2012

❀ Drawing Present + Music

Today's the birthday of my penpal who invites me to the anime convention to sell my drawings and the items I post lately, in the state where she lives. So I drew her original character in my style as a present for her ;v; I know I'm a disaster at coloring .///. but I did my best TvT

And hey, I can't stop listening to this! Inspires me a lot *-* Oh well, you have to know that  some music/songs inspires me when I have to draw hehe X3

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

❀ Flags + Incoming

OK dears! Not a boring Items post this time hehe ^^U I bought this little flags to send to my penpals (yeah, like toothpick snacks =P). September is important to Mexico because we celebrate the Independece from Spain in 1810. You can see all the streets and stores and cars with flags and so on ^^ the celebration is on day 16th and I wanted to share a little piece of my "Mexican Spirit" in my next letters °ω°

And my incoming mail are these: candies from Japan ^^ and a chocolate from Palestine! O.O!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

❀ Chibi Bride Sketch

I drew this at 3:00 AM... because I like dresses... and details... that's all ;3; 

Monday, September 3, 2012

❀ I'm back ;~;

Hey dears, sorry for disappearing! ;_; I've been a little depressed about many situations and I have stopped many things in the last month. Sometimes I do not know why I'm alive. The horrible thing now is that my anxiety disorder is surfacing again and I don't want to go out of my house for any reason. I'm very scared now but I know that I have to face it and be brave for my anxiety didn't dominate me like in 2009. At that time I was so sick that I thought about killing myself to stop feeling so terrified T_T ..... anyway, I have to work hard, I know.

I'm concentrating in a couple of personal projects to DO SOMETHING with my life and stop my sadness; like my attendance in the Anime Convention at the end of September; I have to design several characters to sell them like stickers °v° I'm getting kawaii goodies to sell them in that day too. I'm retaking drawing commissions (Yoshi! yours it's almost done! ;A; forgive meeeee!), I'm planning to start a 100 sketches challenge to improve my chibi style ;v; also I want to desing "adoptables" to sell them to the DeviantArt people and get some money, (adoptables are original characters that other people buy for use them like they want), and finally I have to write many letters  X___x! yeah~ I hope to post interesting things later ;v; And look, I got these new decotapes! >ω<