Tuesday, September 25, 2012

❀ I Love You... Subway?

I found this video about the Mexican Subway (Metro) in a station called "Chabacano" (Apricot) where some days are little shows, or people playing music, or even people doing yoga! in the middle of the crowd that comes and goes. Chabacano is a transshipment station which means that you can change of Line in the same station. I came to that station from the Brown Line and then I go to the Blue Line to go to "Bellas Artes" (Fine Arts) Station and arrive to the Postal Palace and send letters *v* 

The beginning of the video is weird, however is a promotional video of the government.

OK, what means "TQM"? in spanish means Te Quiero Mucho (I Love You a Lot), you can use it only in media where you can write it; letters, chat, messages, etc. Not to say it! XD it would be weird haha "Hey friend! TQM!" LOL, weird. But this time they use the M of "A lot" for "Metro" so the full meaning is "I Love Metro".

Interesting notes:
~ Mexican Metro is the world's cheapest! Only 0.23 cents of dollar for ticket (3 pesos)
~ Also is the cleanest in the world!
~ The subway trains are orange XD
~ Do you know the original movie "Total Recall" with Arnold Schwarzenegger?? The subway chase was filmed in this station XD yeah~ you can watch it in the video below from the second 0:35 ~ same stairs ha? I know all the places you can watch. They painted the train in gray haha! XD


  1. This is really interesting! :) Our train station is so crowded esp. in the morning, and there probably won't have any space to dance! lol

    1. Oh yeah! In the morning and evening the subway is the HELL here too! XD

  2. Esa terminal es una locuura! :D genial! por fin una penpalblogger mexicana ^^ awesome!! Te invito a pasar por mi blog y si tu quieres intercambiar cositas x correo :D

    1. No es una terminal XD es una estación donde puedes transbordar para otras 2 líneas, por eso el caos. Claro que me paso a tu blog <3