Thursday, September 20, 2012

❀ 1 Out and 1 In

Today I went to send a package for a penpal who send me 2 packages before so it was my turn to send her one (I had to save money, I'm poor snif snif ;___;). And I can't remember where I watched decorations with decotapes, sorry I can't remember but here's my package with them ;v; They returned me the letter I sent her in April! can you believe it! I sent it again into the package. My pal likes camels a lot so I sent her 5 of my "Camel Cigarretes" postcards collection. I don't smoke but I've had these postcards from several years ago. I think the advertising is very ingenious! Also she loves cats like I do so I sent her cats stickers °ω° decotapes, a lil notebook (inside of the bag) with 2 pencils, 1 flower pen, a mirror, other stickers, a butterfly eraser and a bookmark °ω°

When I was leaving my house toward the Post Office I saw this in my mailbox, YAY! It's the first time I receive a letter when I will send another X3 From my dear Aga in Poland, with STRAWBERRIES EVERYWHERE hahaha! ♥ Even my mom liked the envelope a lot ^v^! Aga drew them, each! and on both sides! *-* love it! And I read her letter while I was on public transport toward the subway ^^ (where I felt a bit anxious ;n;)

And finally I bought these... what's the name? We call them "fantasy jewels" =P


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    1. Thanks ;v; hope she likes it >ω<

  2. You got it:D That's good news for me:)

  3. What a great package you sent out...your pen pal is very lucky!!