Monday, June 25, 2012

❀ Handmade Postcard 1

I finished this postcard to my penpal about her original character ^^ I used pastel and pencil colors =P I'm still working on the other postcard to my other penpal *v* so let's continue!

Friday, June 22, 2012

❀ My house is Your house, LOL

I've been thinking about the many ways of talking of mexicans. Especially when my patients talk to me (I'm a psychologist) and they tell me about a situation at home. In Mexico, when you talk with someone for first time and you want to relate something that happened in your house, you should say: "I was in YOUR house watching TV and then..." but you're not referring to that you were in the other person's house watching TV. I know, the correct way is to say "I was in my house watching TV and then" but in saying "I was in your house... " means that the other person is always welcome to come to your house whenever he/she wants, is a way to not seem prepotent and also to show that they can trust in you and you on them, it's a manner to show good education in a first conversation. But you have to say "your house" only once, the first time that you want to talk about your house. Then the other person have to say "thank you" (for offer me your house, you're gentile) and then you can continue saying normally "my house this" "my house that" blah blah. 

I could find a TV comercial that I watched years ago to promote sodas, but they used this expresion and its posible confusion XD it's about foreign man (possibly german) called "Gunther" (strange name, lol) in his new job with mexicans, lol. I translated for you.

-Gunther! Welcome to Mexico, sir.
-Welcome "compadre"! (compadre is a family title, but it can be used for very good friends too, and only man use it for their male friends).
-We have to celebrate. This saturday, party at your house.
-But I just arrived, it's a bit complicated...
-No, you're in Mexico! Saturday, party at your house!

But Gunther understand at his house, literaly. So he prepared everything to the party (and he buys the sodas which are the purpose of the comercial), his family helps too, but no one comes to his house! An then, the party guy said: I think Gunther will not come! and the slogan at the end: "In México, your house (means) my house". LOL! it's a good comercial I think XD and by the way, in spanish, House is Casa XD

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another drawing to my mailart *-*

Still working on drawings to my next letters. Hey new penpals! I will send your letters maybe at the end of June (economic issues, you know) thanks for your patient .__.U

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

❀ Incoming Mail

I got crazy when I see this awesome envelope on my mailbox! *3* it's from a new penpal who has almost the same interests as me! and of course: drawing too! *o* I really LOOOOVED this Kamui drawing! asdfgasdf! He's my favorite character from CLAMP's works!! *o* kyaaaa! ♥♥♥♥

Saturday, June 2, 2012

❀ Some of my Mail Art

Special letters I've sent in this year, I think I've improved my art and my drawings too ;v;