Friday, October 5, 2012

❀ Letter for a Contest

LONG TIME NO SEE, DEARS! My life is a big disaster now in many ways: my anxiety disorder, my overwhelming depression, etc! But well, no sad things now! (I have a headache! My left eye is going to explode at any moment! LOL!). This is my letter for the contest "Fumi no hi" Give-away Project .////. hem... as my camera is broken I took a photo with my cellphone but it looks awful! D8 so I decided to scan the envelope for a "better quality" ;////;

I decided to send the letter to my old school friend who is now living in California, USA. I decided to draw to my friend and me as kids as when we were in elementary school. Our uniform was blue and she always gathered her hair in a ponytail. On the oher hand, I had straight hair when I was a child hehehe. I used stickers with school theme because we spent our best moments in there ^^ the envelope is handmade, the drawings and the address labels too~ Hem, that's all ;v; 


  1. Si claro, mi correo es este

  2. So pretty!! I want to get mail that looks like this!!