Monday, September 3, 2012

❀ I'm back ;~;

Hey dears, sorry for disappearing! ;_; I've been a little depressed about many situations and I have stopped many things in the last month. Sometimes I do not know why I'm alive. The horrible thing now is that my anxiety disorder is surfacing again and I don't want to go out of my house for any reason. I'm very scared now but I know that I have to face it and be brave for my anxiety didn't dominate me like in 2009. At that time I was so sick that I thought about killing myself to stop feeling so terrified T_T ..... anyway, I have to work hard, I know.

I'm concentrating in a couple of personal projects to DO SOMETHING with my life and stop my sadness; like my attendance in the Anime Convention at the end of September; I have to design several characters to sell them like stickers °v° I'm getting kawaii goodies to sell them in that day too. I'm retaking drawing commissions (Yoshi! yours it's almost done! ;A; forgive meeeee!), I'm planning to start a 100 sketches challenge to improve my chibi style ;v; also I want to desing "adoptables" to sell them to the DeviantArt people and get some money, (adoptables are original characters that other people buy for use them like they want), and finally I have to write many letters  X___x! yeah~ I hope to post interesting things later ;v; And look, I got these new decotapes! >ω<


  1. Fight my dear. The world isn't really that scary place:) I think the Anime convention will make you good. I hope you'll enjoy it:)

    1. Yes dear, I know ;v; the world is not like that but my brain tells me another thing ;_; sometimes I can stand those thoughts anymore, snif snif. The anime convention will be in another state so I will have to travel, I'm really scared but I have to work about that in this month to change my thoughts! >.< Yeah! I want to do it. Thanks for your support dear ;v; *hugs*