Monday, September 17, 2012

❀ Incoming Letters + Random

Listening to: "Nightcall" (Kavinsky)

Hello dears! I'm here with my latest received letters *3* I don't have MAAAANY penpals so that's why I receive few letters once in a while ;v; First my pal from Japan, she sent me some brochures, about a movie (I don't know what it is °^°?) and about the place she traveled. Looks like a very awesome place but I can't read anything about it because I don't know read japanese °A°!

My pal from China, gosh! I loved the envelope a lot! so traditional! *o* You have no idea how I reaaaaally love envelopes with traditional patterns SO MUCH! *explodes* She sent me a little notebook >ω< (I collect notebooks! *o*), Pu-er tea, stamps and very cute stickers! She made me VERY happy!! ASDFGASDGA!!

My pal from Puerto Rico sent me a magazine and this cool t-shirt that fits me perfectly as you can see in the pic hahaha! >¬< love it! 


I will post your drawing soon, Yoshi, and I will send it this week with some gifts for being patient with my delay and my depressive mode ;A;!

❀ I want to go the cinema to watch Resident Evil 5 very soon! ASDFFGASDF!!! I WANT! But I don't have close friends to go with and my sister goes always with her boyfriend .___. *foreveralone mode on*


  1. Take your time ^-^ I didn't know you had a depressive phase, I'm very sorry for being so selfish :( And I think you are a wonderful artist! I definitely think it's an honor that you draw a picture for me ^-^ :) So don't loose your spirits!! ^-^ Have a wonderful day :)

    1. Oh no, dear, you forgive me! ;o; And thanks for your support, you have been so nice with me snif snif ;v; do you want to be my penpal?? I can work in a total letter for you plus your commish if you want ;v; (if you don't, I'll understand totally °x° don't worry).