Tuesday, February 26, 2013

❀ Out + Stamps + Random

Hello my friends, I'm still busy :P my friend invited me to go to another anime convention in State of Morelos to sell the kawaii stuff of my shop :3 so I'm preparing everything for this weekend, that's why I'm busy these days. Ok, my outgoing with... censored drawing HAHAHA! Sorry, but the character is very special, isn't mine (I wish XD) but I like it so much! >:3 LOL, I'm bad! Sorry, is for one of my very very veeeeeeery special penpals ;v; Ok, all my penpals are special in different ways, but you know, when you meet a person who is very unique, with original ideas, I don't know how to explain it... just unique, with interesting points of view and talent *v* ~ ♥

Ok, I went to postal palace and I bought these 50 stamps about Soumaya Museum in Mexico City. Art! art! art everywhere! I went there maybe 5 years ago =P to visit an exhibition of old mexican dresses *o* to see how was the mexican fashion two centuries ago. I loved it with all my heart! I still have the photos *7*! Ok ok, here are the stamps UvU/

Random time! I bought these large nice stickers to decorate my wall, I want to redecorate my room *v* and also I bought these markers because I like them for my drawings :B 


  1. So awesome! I love the last row of stamps especially!! Nice mailart as usual! :)

  2. Those stamps are amazing! For some reason most of the "pretty" stamps we had here in Belgium are no longer available. But at the end of March we'll get chocolate stamps, so I hope other stamps will be issued around that time as well.

    1. I hope they will >v<
      Chocolate stamps?? ;9