Sunday, October 14, 2012

❀ Supplies

I bought this yesterday: a vintage paper pad asdfgasdgg!! *o*

Also christmas stamps, silver ink (I LOVE SILVER! *o*), a corner punch...

And some nice papers. In the last two I placed a pencil for you can see the paper dimensions *v* I plan to use the papers for envelopes, but the last two I don't know... I wanted to place one of them on my desk like a small tablecloth... or maybe placed both in my wall like posters *-* asdfgasdfg!! It's just I found them very beautiful ;v;


  1. wow! I really really like all your supplies(I wish I lived in a bigger place! here where I live there is a good shoop with supplies, but I still have some problems in finding them...)I hope that in two years I´ll go to Madrid to study, so there I can buy more supplies...I read the entry were you had that problem with the girl of muust havae been tiring...also, your chibi stile is super cuteee! (L)your penpals must be lucky! hehehe :3