Wednesday, May 16, 2012

❀ New beginning

Hi dears~ 

Some of you can remember me. I decided to create a new blog because the problem I have with stalkers. For that reason I have a new identity and I'm going to avoid writing my last nick names because that was how my stalkers found me the last time (I know, stupid me). My blog is under construction again but I hope to work on it to look pretty~ I will post more about my letters, drawings and random stuff, hope you like it *-*
I still hope to continue meeting people who love this huge art about Penpalling, I got some new special penpals on my last blog and I hope to be great friends with them! I will re-follow all the blogs that I watched before so here I go, LOL. Thanks to be with me in this new beginning and, as one of my penpals say: "We can inspire to each other" :D 

And sorry for my weird english! LOL! *runs*


  1. Of course I remember you and all the kawaii things you did! I'd linked you to my blog! Happy blogging! :D

    1. TvT thanks a lot dear ~ ♥

  2. Yayy~! :3 Of course I follow you again n_n

  3. Nice effort.Anytime you need things let me know.I am based in Malaysia but I have items from many places like Singapore, Australia, India,HK and China.