Monday, July 16, 2012

❀ Questions to my video + Giveaway

Oke! Other things about my video! After shooting how I send letters in the Post Office I want to do 2 more things in the same day: I want to send handmade postcards to the winners of my new giveaway (sorry, just 2 postcards because I'm poor T¬T). And you can win them only making questions you want me to answer in the video XD *I'm crazy*. You can ask whatever you want and ask more than 1 question, there is no limit. If there are few questions I will give a number for participant and choose the winners. If there are many questions then I will give a number to every question, not for person, and then I will choose the winners from the number of cuestion, LOL. Do you want me to show you some stuff? Say a special message in spanish? what? I will wait for your questions or requests ;D

So! The complete plan is: 
1) Shooting how I buy stamps for my letters.
2) Shooting how I send them with your postcards (with drawings on them)
3) Shooting answering your questions.

If you want to ask something you have to write your name (or nickname, as you wish) and your country in the comments. Any doubts? Let me know ;3 And here you have random pics again XD

Hi dears! I love my hair, you know?
Say Hi to my sharks! 8D


  1. Hola,
    a mi me gustaria saber si puedes comprar una variedad de sellos o si solo venden los mismos. Y tambien quisiera saber si ya te cononcen y, si mandas tus cartas desde alla, si hacen comentarios sobre tus sobres y tu correo.
    Caddi (Alemania)

  2. Hola! sorry I'm real bad at Spanish, still beginning to learn it. :) So first, I want to know does the International Postal Rates for mails in Mexico varies according to 'zones' as in different continent or region? Like in Malaysia, there are 5 zones and postal rate varies depending on which zone the country falls in.

    Next, can you buy stamps which are from like last time's issue? Over here in Malaysia, as far as I know, the stamp issues released are limited in stock. Once all are sold out on the day it is released, we can't get them anymore. So can you order any set of stamps you wish to buy like in the US?

    Lastly, how many airmail stickers does the postal worker give you usually? A sheet or more? For my case, they glance at the amount of mail you're sending out and carefully give me just enough of airmail stickers for my outgoing that day! But sometimes I just take them myself from the counter if I'm lucky to find them laying on top there. LOL :3

    Hope you don't find my questions too annoying. :D Have a nice day dear. ~~ hugs Bree

    1. Thanks dear ;D not annoying questions at all, don't worry and good luck! X3 *hugs*

  3. Hola!!! hmmmmmm ... OK mis preguntas son:

    1. Todos en el pueblo vayan a la oficina de correos para recojer su correo? o hay un cartero que va a las casa para llevar todo el correo?

    2. Los sellos son de pegatinas? o son el typo que tienes que lamer en el la parte de atras?

    3. Cual cosas NO PUEDEN ser en los sobres? o puedes poner lo que quieras en ellos?

    Ok.... esos son mis preguntas ha ha... I hope they were understadable. LOL mi espanol es muy mal... havia muchos anos desde vivia alla en mexico. ;) xoxo

    1. Hahahaha ok, thanks dear, you're in ;D *hugs* good luck X3