Thursday, July 19, 2012

❀ Thanks + Incoming + Giveaway

Remember when I asked who was from British Columbia, Canada and Hawaii, USA?? the girl from Hawaii said hello~! And she said she enjoy my blog T¬T awww thanks dear, you made my day. Don't say sorry for watch it XD I'm glad that people can enjoy it as sometimes I wanted to delete it because I feel that my blog isn't too important hahaha. But thanks to you, my pals and my few followers I will still doing my best! :'D Greetings to you and your family *3*
                                                          ❀ ❀ ❀ 

Deadline: Sunday-22th-July-00:00hrs-Mexico Time. (Yeah, I will choose the winners at midnight XD)
Participants at the moment:
❀ Caddi (Germany) with 3 questions.
❀ Bree (Malaysia) with 3 questions too.
❀ Katie (USA) with 3 questions too.
❀ Aga (Poland) with... almost 15 questions XD

Giveaway Info: after shooting how I send letters in the Post Office I want to do 2 more things in the same day: I want to send handmade postcards to the winners of this new giveaway (sorry, just 2 postcards because I'm poor T¬T). And you can win them only making questions you want me to answer in the video XD *I'm crazy*. You can ask whatever you want and ask more than 1 question, there is no limit. If there are few questions I will give a number for participant and choose the winners. If the participants make many questions then I will give a number to every question, not for person, and then I will choose the winners from the number of cuestion, LOL. Do you want me to show you some stuff? Say a special message in spanish? something about Mexico? what? I will wait for your questions or requests ;D If you want to ask something you have to write your name (or nickname, as you wish) and your country in the comments. Any doubts? Let me know ;3

So! The complete plan is: 
1) Go to the Post Office next Monday/23/July
2) Shooting how I buy stamps for my letters.
3) Shooting how I send them with your postcards (with drawings on them ;D)
4) Shooting answering your questions.
❀ ❀ ❀ ❀  

New letter from my malay penpal :D She sent me a handmade bookmark (with a handsome chara *o*) and also she taught me malay words! YAY! X3


  1. Wowwwwwww! 15 preguntas? woww awesome :-) !

    btw, haz recibido mi cartita?

    1. Siii *-* muchas preguntas~
      No, aún no o.o espero que ya no tarde ^-^U