Monday, November 5, 2012

❀ Mailman Day + Stamps

Hey friends! I returned from the little trip with my cousins for ​​the weekend. We went to Hidalgo State to a good place to swim, it was fun and we were very tired for playing a lot in the pool hahaha! Unfortunately on Sunday the weather was cloudy and rainy, but still three of my cousins ​​went swimming! My other cousins ​​and I went to play pool and eat something haha. We returned to Mexico yesterday at 10 pm. 
Some of you must have noticed that my blog was on "Private Mode" this weekend, it was because many of you know that I have stalkers (they're ex-friends) and I didn't want them to find my blog during the weekend without my knowing *paranoid mode on* but now I have reopened my blog for all you. 

OKE! Mailman Day in Mexico is close, November 12, and I wanted to show this envelope that all mailmen left in the mailboxes. You should put money to thank the mailman for his work on get your correspondence. It is an incentive for their good work. The message says: I appreciate your encouragement for another year of effort, I did my best to get your mail on time. Thanks". You must return the envelope on November 12 °v°

And here's a random stamp... of my stamps collection XD I think I bought it in 2010 hehe but it's one of my favorite stamps :3 

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