Saturday, November 10, 2012

❀ Subway Postcard

I bought new subway postcards but now they're updated with the new line number 12 (gold) which was opened at the end of October. I have not traveled in it yet hehe ^^ And I got tickets of this occasion too! YAY! Many postcards and tickets for my penpals are ready to be sent! :D


  1. Hola!! ya recibiste mi carta? :)

    1. O.o! Aun no, linda. Quizás me la entreguen la siguiente semana ;v;

  2. And we still have just one line. It was being built for 10 years. Now second line is being built but already one under river part was flooded and in another place ground fell making a big hole in one street in centre. So I don't expect sending such cards to my penpals soon:P

  3. Yyyy mando tu carta manana^^