Wednesday, May 15, 2013

❀ Stamps + Incoming

Mother's Day stamp (May 10th), I really love it because it shows the traditional mexican dolls, awwwww ♥ a mother with her daughters QvQ I adore the colors! And I gave one stamp to my mom hehe. The second stamp is about Children's Day UvU

I liked India postcard a lot! *-* My name in hindi! OMG! ~ The other postcards are from Russia and Portugal ^^

Few days ago a girl sent me an email to ask me to be penpals, I said yes XD and her next email was: I would like to be penpals, but school keeps me busy and I already have penpals. No more ~ And I was like: Okeeeeey~ XD HAHAHA! I think it was funny! Ask and cancel at the same time, lol~