Friday, July 6, 2012

❀ My friendship or...

I've noticed that people who wanted to be penpals with me, before they said: "I want to be your penpal because you seem a nice person, I want to know about you and Mexico and exhange cultural stuff and so on". And now they just say: "I would like to have a letter from you because they're nice". And I'm like: 3______3 and I wonder... they want my friendship or they want me only for how my letters looks .____.


  1. Good question- I think just an awesome person can create such awesome mail art, so no wonder everyone wants to have one ^-^ :) It's like wanting a treasure ^-^ :)

    Hope you have an awesome day :) Keep your spirits up ^-^

    1. OMG! that was so sweet! ;o; you're so niceeeeee!
      Lot of hugs and kisses for you, dear! ;o;

    2. Lots of hugs and kisses back :D

  2. Oh, that is little weird D:

    In my opinion I just want to know that person, I dont realy care how them letters looks like :'D