Sunday, July 8, 2012

❀ Outgoing + Fun!

Sent letters *v*

My mexican penpal came to downtown yesterday and we spend the day together. She drew my OC while we were talking about seeeeeeeveral topics! We don't stop talking in no time! XD epic! ^o^ look at my original character in my friend' style! QvQ lovely!

At the end we found this HK shop!!! And I get CRAAAZY!! *O* I was in paradise, running in circles! LOL! Unfortunately everything was so f*** expensive that I couldn't buy anything!! D'8 ... Hell! I need a job! 3.3 (kills herself X.X)


  1. Omg, a HK shop?o.O I can imagine it's expensive there~

    I tagged you :)

    1. Yeah, so expensive X.X
      Oh, I will check it hehe.