Thursday, November 15, 2012

❀ Earthquake + Old Photo

Gosh! Today at 3:20 am I was trying to sleep and I felt my bed was moving =o= You have no idea how earthquakes terrify me!! I jumped off my bed and went to my door frame! The magnitude was 6.1 Richter scale. I scared a lot! D'X

Ok, good stuff now, I bought this photo of an old scene around the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City's downtown ;v; I think the old view was better than the actual one! I loooooove old scenes a lot! My polish penpal once sent me a postcard about her town in the 20's and I love it so much! *v* 

Soon I will write a post about a Postcard Swap, because I want to swap postcards with some people from this "blog world". I hope you're interested in get a mexican postcard ^^U I will choose and buy beautiful postcards and stamps and then I will write my post ;v; 


  1. Oh gosh, those earthquakes:(
    Beautiful postcard! I love old ones.

  2. I too feel earthquakes are horrible and terrifying. By the way, I love the old view and certainly I am interested in swapping postcard.

    1. I know! they're awful! D'8
      Oh! I'm glad you're interested ;3

  3. aww, ese lugar me fascina! Cada que voy me enamoro mas de DF!