Thursday, November 29, 2012

❀ Postcards Swap (2 left)

Ok, as I wrote... don't remember when :V I wanted to do a Postcards Swap with some of you if you are interested, of course ;v; So! people who want a postcard from Mexico with christmas stamps, welcome! °v°/ Oh! The images on the postcards are hidden =v= I took a little time to decorate the back so you will have to choose randomly muahaha! ;v; When all the postcards are taken, I will post a new entry with the real images on them. I think it's funny ^^ ... I need happy things TvT

❀ Be my follower
❀ Write a comment telling me which postcard you would like.
❀ It's a SWAP, NOT a giveaway, you will have to send me a postcard too °v°b
❀ If you could choose some postcard, send me an E-MAIL with your address after writing your comment ^^
❀ Let me know when you send my postcard and when you receive yours, please.
❀ All postcards are multiview with 4 images each, I know that not many people like these kind of postcards but I think they're nice, because you can see more than 1 place or more than 1 perspective of a place. So, if you don't like these, don't choose ^^U
❀ I need to sleep right now TvT I'm so tired!


  1. Hi! I'd love to swap a postcard with you! :) Can I have the postcard No.1? Could you tell me what kind of postcard you want to receive from Japan. I'll try my best to find a nice one for you! :D

    1. Okis! °v°b Postcard 1 for you ~ ♥