Saturday, December 1, 2012

❀ Christmas Mail Art + Swap

My first Christmas Mail Art for my penpals ;v; I've had very busy days and I didn't know where my head was. I have many thoughts about different situations in my life and I have a little disconnected from reality, all this has me very tired and I just want to sleep for many days TvT. But I took white envelopes, some paper, decotape, christmas stamps, stickers, and I  made this. I had fun working on decorate them ;v; ~ ♥ I really needed it TvT 

OH! I bought these presents labels, 4 sheets with many different desings, very useful ^ω^b

If you're interested in swap postcards with me ;v; you can choose one of these, read the rules please. If no one is interested I will use them for postcrossing, thanks for read anyway ;v;


  1. Supongo k ya llego tarde,no? Hehe de todad formas he estado esperando hasta conseguir suficiente material (sellos,postales y papel para escribir cartas) para preguntarte si kerias ser mi penpal y hacer intercambios depostales? Hehe:3 (Vivo en una pequeña isla de españa) saludoss

    1. Claro que si, chica ^^ postales de España casi no tengo así que será un placer intercambiar contigo :3